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Intelligent Core & More C. Kaltenbach
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79183 Waldkirch,

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Intelligent Core, the spirit is, which moves, which moves, the spirit is

Data Processing, Signal Processing, Speech Processing and Image Processing
as well as
Technical/ Operational Systems and Components

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Diplom Informatiker (FH) / Industrieelektroniker C. Kaltenbach - Visionär von Intelligent Core®! - Inhaber, Geschäftsführer von Intelligent Core® / Intelligent Core® & More!

Intelligent Core
innen / Partner,

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Clemens Kaltenbach /
Intelligent Core

Intelligent Core Clemens Kaltenbach

Ø    gives you support in your business activities and solves your tasks
Ø    exhibits flexibility in work, place and time
Ø    works qualitatively and to favourable conditions
Ø    focuses theoretical and practical work
Ø    is an independent consultant and solution supplier – companies, systems, components, processes
 as well as owner of the
company Intelligent Core & More C. Kaltenbach
and the brand Intelligent Core

Intelligent Core Mission / Intelligent Core & More Mission

Ø    brings solid life in your technical/operational systems and components
Ø    provides for optimal technical/operational processes
Ø    supplies crucial information from processes

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Ø    Intelligent Core Policy
Ø    Intelligent Core Faith, Hope & Charity

Intelligent Core Vision

Ø    exclusive term, company, brand, vision:
       artificial, adaptive, intelligent, self-learning,
       individually and universally applicable (processing) unit!


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